Investment and Development Services

Market Realty Investment and DevelopmentFor many years, Market Realty, LLC has served affiliated companies in connection with a variety of commercial real estate investment and development projects, giving it valuable experience in that kind of work. That experience uniquely positions Market Realty, LLC to represent others who are seeking to invest in or develop commercial property.

In one sense, anyone who owns commercial real estate is an investor, but those who seek own real estate purely for investment purposes have particular needs and perspectives. They need to carefully identify risks of all kinds. They think about the performance of the property as an investment over a long period of time. They need to understand shifting market dynamics. They must consider different ways of structuring a transaction, as well as financing. They make projections of construction or renovation costs. Operating income and cost projections must be prepared. Then the risks and opportunities associated with the potential investment must be compared with other opportunities available in the market. Market Realty, LLC understands those needs and can help investors address them.

Of course, no real estate investment is without risk. And, we certainly don’t have the ability to perfectly predict the future about a real estate investment or anything else. But, we do have the ability to offer our customers the benefit of our considerable knowledge and experience with investment real estate, and we believe that makes Market Realty, LLC a valuable resource, not only for the investor, but for anyone seeking to own, lease or sell commercial property.