Construction Services

Market Realty Construction ServicesMarket Realty, LLC is a licensed contractor with the ability to perform a wide variety of commercial construction. The ability to provide construction services, in addition to brokerage and development services, allows Market Realty, LLC to offer complete commercial real estate solutions for its customers which can result in significant savings of both time and money.

More often than not, when a tenant has an interest in a commercial building, the space being considered will need additional improvements or modifications to meet the particular needs of that tenant. Ordinarily, at that point, the tenant needs to engage the services of a contractor and/or design professionals to help evaluate the feasibility, cost and time required for making the improvements required. That process can involve considerable expense and result in significant delays to the process. By bringing its construction capability to the table, Market Realty, LLC can provide the needed construction services seamlessly as part of the overall process of securing the property. Particularly in cases where a tenant leases a space or building owned by companies affiliated with Market Realty, LLC, that integrated approach can be a great benefit and provide the tenant with the most efficient and cost effective solution available.

In addition to tenant improvement work in self-owned property, Market Realty, LLC can perform a wide variety of work for third-parties. That work includes renovation work of all kinds, tenant improvements, and new construction. In providing construction services, Market Realty, LLC works for its customers with the same with the same drive, care and determination it uses on self-owned projects, and that attitude produces results.