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Market Realty ServicesUnderstanding the risks and rewards of a commercial real estate project or property is often complex, requiring evaluation of all kinds of connected, but separate issues. One important distinctive of Market Realty, LLC is its broad diversity of experience and capability. Market Realty, LLC of course provides first-class real estate brokerage services to buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants alike. But, it can offer much, much more. In addition to serving as a real estate broker, Market Realty, LLC has real world experience and a proven track record as a property manager, investor, developer and contractor.

More often than not, a prospective commercial real estate project presents a need for some amount of construction activity, whether new construction on raw land, a substantial renovation of existing improvements, or relatively minor tenant improvements. When construction is required, all parties become interested in the feasibility, cost and timing of that work. Market Realty, LLC’s construction experience can help streamline, simplify and expedite an understanding of those issues. Similarly, on some level, all parties to a commercial real estate transaction are generally interested in and impacted by the investment characteristics of the property being considered. Market Realty, LLC not only has experience advising others about commercial real estate investments characteristics. But it also has, though affiliated companies, an active and ongoing participation in the market as an investor, allowing it to offer its customers valuable depth of understanding and insight.

Bringing its multi-disciplined ability to the table, Market Realty, LLC provides significant value added service for our customers. Its breadth of knowledge and experience sets Market Realty, LLC apart and allows it to provide its clients and customers a range of service that few others can offer. That results in the customer having greater insight and the ability to make better decisions. And, it saves valuable time in evaluating properties and projects.

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